Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find my account number?
  • You may locate your account number on a payment receipt if you have already made a payment. If not, we recommend calling our office during our office hours and a customer service rep will tell you your account number. Please understand that our staff is very busy at this time so your patience is appreciated.
Example of payment receipt and location of account #
2. I clicked the join class button, why didn’t I get into the zoom?
  • Our classes are continually increasing in size and the counselors aim to keep a reasonable capacity over zoom. If you clicked the “join class” button in the portal but the counselor never admitted you to the zoom, it is because there are already too many people in the class. It may also be due to the fact you have too many absences and you are now required to take a re-orientation course.
  • We recommend that you click the “join class” button and enter the zoom about 20-30 minutes prior to the scheduled class time for a better chance to gain access.
3. How do I check my progress?
How do I check my progress? – Client Portal
  • We have provided a “status” button in the portal for you to view the number of classes you have attended.
  • Be mindful to always select the “join class” button under the correct case if you have multiple cases. If you do not, you will not receive credit for the right class.

Video Tutorials

Accessing Zoom classes:
Attending Zoom Class Tutorial- Client Portal
Group Progress Notes:
How to do Group Progress Notes – Client Portal
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